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You have the power to find the best value

Whether you’re planting pallets, bulk bags or boxes, you’ll get the most out of Champion Seed when you participate in our discount programs.

Champion Seed Seed Corn Bags in Warehouse

Early seed order discount

Order before October 20 to receive the highest discount price on your corn seed and soybean seed orders. Contact your Champion Seed DSM or dealer for a quote on any early order lock in rate. Trust us — this is a call that is worth your time and attention.


Champion Seed Soybean Seed Bags in front of pallets at the Champion Seed warehouse

PowerPlay program

In this program the more you plant, the more you save in our PowerPlay program.

We know our customers notice the most progress and performance differences when planting at least two (though three to five is more impactful) Champion Seed corn hybrids and several varieties for soybeans as well. This diversity balances the racehorses and workhorses and ensures the healthiest, most productive yield on your farm.

Contact your Champion Seed DSM or dealer to learn more.

Referral program

Word-of-mouth referrals are the ultimate compliment so we’re ready to reward anyone that sends someone our way. Here’s how you can earn $250 cash or $500 in account credit.

How to earn referral rewards

  1. Spread the word. Tell friends, family and neighbors who don’t already plant Champion Seed about your experience.
  2. Get the name drop. Have them mention your name when they order for the first time. Your referral must purchase at least 30 units of corn or 100 units of soybeans to qualify you for the reward.
  3. Enjoy your cash (or credit). If you opt for the $250 cash, a loaded Visa cash card will be sent your way after September 1. If you opt for the $500 account credit, it will be applied to your seed order next year. Contact your Champion Seed DSM or dealer to learn more.

Pay-it-forward program

For every unit of Champion Seed sold, we’re pleased to donate a percentage of that sale to a cause or need in the community where that seed will be planted and grown. Our DSMs and dealers work closely with growers to identify where these funds will help most. Let your DSM or dealer know if there’s a cause you feel would benefit from this program in your community and fill out this application to get started.

Get started

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