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Corn field with Champion Seed trait signs

Champion Seed soybean and corn yield data

Champion Seed works hard to help growers achieve the best yield in every field every season — but to us it’s about more than just being “the best.” It’s about putting real numbers down on paper as a way to back up our promises. It’s about providing full transparency of corn yield data and soybean yield data to help you make decisions. And it’s about being consistent, bold and trustworthy, time after time.

We Champion top yielding hybrids and varieties that promise the highest profit potential at harvest. The products we test and sell are meant for the farming geographies we sell them in. Our extensive corn test plots and soybean test plots help us forecast and estimate expected crop yields and crop production levels throughout the growing season. Our seed dealers use this data to help recommend certain traits and products that perform best in their field locations.

See how our products are performing in your local area and learn why we’re called Champion Seed.

Know more, grow more with FieldView®

Strong field data makes all the difference in world. We heavily invest to ensure every Champion Seed representative is an expert in our products by partnering with Climate FieldView® specialists and technology. Using FieldView, our team knows the potential each selection brings and how to find the answers you need to achieve greater success in the field.

  • Harness your field data. Collect, store and access real-time data to make confident decisions any time of the day. Measure crop performance with farm data analysis.
  • View fields from above. Help prioritize field scouting, identify crop disease and field health weaknesses using satellite imagery.
  • Optimize inputs and more. Use your field data and FieldView performance analytics tools to build customized plans for each field. Manage variability and maximize yield with variable rate planting prescriptions and nitrogen monitoring tools.

Ask your Champion Seed dealer how you can use the intuitive, all-in-one FieldView platform for your next growing season.

Calculate your Champion Seed impact

At Champion Seed, we love crunching real numbers to show you the impact our products can have on your profitability.

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