From the Champion Seed Agronomists

What is carbon farming?

Carbon farming refers to the practice of creating carbon “credits” by sequestering carbon from the air and storing it in the soil. Or, in other words, reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the air through agricultural practices while conserving soil health
and, ultimately, enhancing crop production. Many practices qualify for carbon credits, such as reducing tillage, planting cover crops, and changing fertilizer or irrigation practices.

Why is now the time to sign up for carbon farming?

Carbon credits is a term we’ve been hearing for a while. At Champion Seed, we have been keeping our eyes and ears on the topic and feel that now is the right time to act. Demand for ag-based carbon credits has increased as the world looks to farmers to help decrease emissions to improve the environment. Carbon credits are highly sought after as companies adopt the trend of working toward net-zero emissions. Several large corporations have released plans to disclose and reduce their carbon footprint, and purchasing carbon credits is a popular way to offset their own emissions.

Why Indigo Ag?

Champion believes that Indigo Ag is the best partner in this field because they promise a minimum of $20 per carbon credit plus 75% of the sale price back to the farmer. Indigo Ag is the only registry-approved program currently (as of February 2023). That means buyers can be confident in what they’re buying, and farmers can trust that their credits will be profitable. In 2022, thousands of farmers signed up with Indigo and roughly five million acres were enrolled in the program. These numbers continue to grow exponentially.

Why does Champion care about carbon credits?

At Champion Seed, we’re always thinking about how we can add value to our customers, and partnering with Indigo Ag is another way we set ourselves apart from other seed companies. We love bringing you opportunities to increase your income, especially with something as easy as this.

Champion Seed DSMs, dealers and employees have been going through training to help you profit from this great opportunity.  We are not the experts, but we know enough to get you started. Plus, we have the support of a fantastic partnership with Indigo Ag. Contact your local DSM or call the office at 888-417-2004 to learn more.