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Branon Osmundson – Why I Plant Champion Seed

When North-Central Iowa farmer Branon Osmundson took over the family operation, he knew profitability wasn’t the only goal. Honesty, accessibility and a focus on relationships are just as important to the Story County grower.

Osmundson found those traits and more in Champion Seed. Now, Osmundson values the hands-on approach the Champion team takes to supporting his 100-year-old operation and field-specific yield goals.

Champion Seed is always honest with me and my operation. It has always been hands-on.

Branon Osmundson

While the young farmer has relied on Champion traits and genetics for productive and profitable corn and soybeans for more than 20 years, it’s the always-accessible team at his disposal that keeps him coming back for more on his 1,500 acres. In fact, the Ames-area grower says the family has only gone through two salesmen in the more than two decades of planting Champion – a key part in the relationship building Osmundson has come to expect.

Interested in seeing why Champion is the first brand Osmundson recommends? Watch Branon’s video and then find your local dealer to see how Champion Seed can be the right fit for you.

Why Branon Osmundson Chooses Champion Seed