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Justin Hopkins – Why I Plant Champion Seed

When Maryland-born-and-raised Justin Hopkins moved to Iowa, he felt like a “small fish in a big pond.” Now, Hopkins celebrates record-breaking corn yields in his Southern Iowa fields thanks to his vigilance on seed genetics.

The intention behind Hopkins’ seed purchases was simple: drive profitability in a practical, consistent way. The goal ultimately led him to Champion Seed in 2016. Much like Hopkins, Champion Seed relentlessly pursues improvements around every corner. Drawing in competitive farmers like Hopkins, Champion has cultivated a top-notch selection of hybrids to help farmers get the most out of their fields.

I can honestly say we had the best corn crop I’ve ever raised in my life last year, and it was all Champion Seed.

Justin Hopkins

But for Hopkins, planting Champion goes beyond the cutting-edge technology. He says he’s stayed with Champion for the last five years due to the customer service and always-accessible team of owners and agronomists to help him when he needs it most.

Farming involves taking risks. Farming in Iowa was a risk to the Eastern Seaboard native, but now, planting without Champion Seed isn’t a risk Hopkins is willing to take.

Watch Hopkins’ video and then read more about his farming journey here.

Justin Hopkins standing with his arms crossed next to the Champion Seed logo