Independent seed companies like ours have big advantages over our larger competitors — starting with more personal service throughout the growing season. At Champion Seed, we take it a step further. From the day a seed order is submitted, our customers know they can always pick up the phone to call not only their dealer, but our Champion Seed company owners (Seth Hill and Brett Hodnefield), too.

“We pride ourselves on being available and approachable to our customers and our dealers,” Hodnefield said. “We look out for our fellow farmers no matter the time of day.”

Direct access to the management team of a seed company is almost unheard of, but to us it’s an everyday occurrence. The close connection of our top leaders to our customers is just one of the many values we hold.

We’re always here.

If you work with us, you know our owners, our agronomists and our families and we know yours. Not only do we share our personal phone numbers with customers — we actually answer the calls. We know we aren’t the largest, but we always come up big when the huge seed companies and other independent seed companies call it a day.

“I’ll never get tired of meeting our customers and hearing their concerns for the year,” Hill said. “If we can’t solve something right away, it’s not forgotten, and I think that sets us apart. We like to take those issues to our agronomists and other industry experts to see how we can help folks.”

Field visits bring value.

We work hard to always bring value to our field visits and conversations. Time is precious and we want to respect that — so when you get a visit from a Champion team member, you can trust it will be worth your while. Our agronomists are constantly crop scouting throughout the year to learn the best ways to manage pest and fertility needs to pass onto you.

Get custom recommendations.

We work diligently to know you and your fields in that order to make the right recommendations — zone by zone and field by field. We know that our success relies on your success, and the foundation of that success is trust. The more we know you and your fields, the more successful our recommendations will be. Our impressive yield results continuously prove those efforts.

Being independently owned allows us the freedom to truly choose the best seed for you, right down to the field level. We don’t tell you what you want to hear, we listen to you and tell you what you need to hear. We don’t answer to a bigger company — we work with farmer-dealers who just get you.

Work with farmer dealers who just get you.

We don’t worry about what works across the country — just in your field. Our dealers are locally based, and all of them farm too, so they understand the growing conditions you face. This adds more weight to their claim when they say: Trust me, this works here.

We invest in the communities we serve.

Because we don’t only sell in it, we live in it — we invest in our community. Through the pay-it-forward program, Champion Seed donates a percentage of each sale to a need in your hometown or to an organization that matters to you. We believe in doing it right or not doing it at all. We’re here for the heritage and the legacy. We’re proud of where we come from and work to pass that pride down to the next generations.

Ready to get going with Champion Seed? Find your nearest dealer and they will be in touch with you shortly.