No matter which soybean trait platform you chose to go with from Champion Seed this season, don’t skimp on the pre. Using a pre-emergence herbicide with multiple modes of action and an effective residual is one of the most important factors to a strong start for your soybean fields.

Pre-emergence herbicides with residual are the key to kicking off an effective, season-long weed control program and reducing weed resistance to commonly used post herbicides, such as dicamba, glufosinate and 2,4-D. Pre’s with a good residual also help soybeans get established by reducing competition from early season weeds that directly compete with your soybeans for nutrients and moisture. Some things to consider when selecting a soybean pre-emergence herbicide are the timing of application, how long is the residual active, what weeds are controlled, does it have activity on known “herbicide-resistant” weeds and can it control the weeds that have historically been a problem in your field.

Don’t forget about the REBATES. Most chemical suppliers offer some sort of rebate for bundling a pre with a post, which can add up to substantial savings on input costs. Corteva offers the Enlist Ahead Farmer Rewards with the purchase of Champion Enlist Soybeans. It rebates growers $2 per acre where Enlist herbicides are paired with a qualifying residual. Bayer Crop Science offers a similar program called Bayer Plus Rewards when using Xtendimax or Roundup herbicides.

“Start Strong” with a pre-emergence, residual herbicide and continue to “Finish Stronger” by using multiple modes of action throughout the growing season.

Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas
Soybean Production