Slow growth, spindly plants, small leaflets and stunted

Leaves will appear to have a dark green or even blueish color to them.


About it:

Many people assume it is similar to corn, which has purplish color leaves. However, in a soybean the leaf will appear to be dark green, sometimes even appearing blue. You will also be able to see the leaves begin to cupple, see necrotic spots on the leaves. Symptoms will begin to show on the older leaves. This deficiency has the ability to delay maturity and blooming. You will be able to identify this if the soils are cool and wet. 



Identify and select fields that may need more prosperous intake. Take soil samples throughout fields and determine the type of variable rate needed for the field. This can improve soil health in spots throughout a field to prevent decrease in yield loss and gain back quality soil nutrients.



Nutrient deficiency in soybeans