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Protect Your Soybean Seed Like A Truck

By Rob Thomas, Champion Seed soybean lead

Ever thought about your soybean seed treatment like taking care of your new farm truck? They’re more similar than you think.

When buying a new farm truck, you know it will be subjected to harsh conditions. That means driving your expensive new truck through corn fields, down gravel roads and in cruel winter conditions.

So, you put mud flaps on to help protect from rock chips. You opt for the undercoating the dealership offered to protect it from rust and corrosion. You might even install some custom-fit rubber floor mats or some seat covers to protect against stains and general wear.

And finally, you pay a little extra to have a bed liner sprayed because you’ll be sliding in tools, parts and boxes of Champion seed.

Harsh conditions require protection

Just like your truck, so too will your soybean seed endure harsh conditions. And just like pickups, soybean seed is getting more expensive. The fuel, labor and energy costs required to condition, package and deliver seed to the farm have increased. The cost of the latest and greatest genetics and traits has increased. Why not protect that investment? Or better yet, give that investment the greatest opportunity to reach its full yield potential.

Beware of the inexpensive seed treatments. They are most likely a blend of older, off-patent products that are less effective than the new chemistries and formulations.

At Champion Seed, we are always exploring the latest advancements in soybean seed treatment and other seed-applied treatments. We are constantly studying which individual treatment products are still providing the protection needed and which are becoming less effective. We know that after using the same fungicides repeatedly, Mother Nature finds a way to adapt and overcome.

Beware of the inexpensive seed treatments. They are most likely a blend of older, off-patent products that are less effective than the new chemistries and formulations.

The Champion Seed team is committed to offering the most effective and latest seed-applied treatment products available. Because when our customers are successful, we’re successful.

Selecting the right treatment

Champion’s Elevate soybean seed treatment packages contain multiple fungicides that help protect your soybean seedlings from a spectrum of fungal pathogens including Phytophthora Root Rot, Pythium, Fusarium Root Rot and Rhizoctonia. These four very common soil-borne pathogens are present in almost every field across the Midwest, waiting for Mother Nature to provide the environment for them to attack their hosts — your soybeans.

Warm and wet conditions favor Phytophthora Root Rot, while cool, saturated soils are optimal for Pythium. Stress, drought and herbicide injury can open the door for Rhizoctonia infections. On top of those, high pH soils, iron deficiency chlorosis, nematodes and nutrient disorders can increase the occurrence of Fusarium.

New for the 2023 planting season, Champion Seed has added Picarbutrazox (PCBX) to our Elevate and Elevate VIP treatment packages. PCBX contains the most powerful molecule available for the suppression of Pythium and Phytophthora. Our Elevate VIP package includes Saltro for suppression of Soybean Cyst Nematode and Sudden Death Syndrome.

Each Elevate level offers different layers of protection:

  • Elevate Select – Fungicides
  • Elevate – Fungicides + Insecticide
  • Elevate VIP – Fungicides + Insecticide with Sudden Death and Soybean Cyst Nematode suppression

Contact your local seed dealer or call our office at 888-417-2004 for more details about Champion’s Elevate Soybean Seed Treatments.