It’s all in the name: Champion Seed. As one of the fastest growing independent seed companies in the country, we have the freedom to select from a wide range of corn genetic platforms and trait packages — giving us the ability to match corn genetics and traits right down to the county level. This means the corn seed you plant is best suited for the growing conditions in your fields.

What types of genetics and traits do we Champion? Strong stalks and outstanding standability. Nobody wants cornstalks falling over in the field. Drought tolerance. Corn in need of water will underperform. So in years when your fields end up a few inches short of rain, Champion Seed corn can still power through. And of course, disease pressure resistance. There’s always something new ready to attack your corn crop. The right traits help protect against uncertainty.

Take some time to browse through our online seed catalog and contact your local Champion Seed dealer when you’re ready to select corn traits and genetics right down to the county level.

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