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SmartStax® RIB Complete® Corn Blend
VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® Corn Blend Roundup Ready® Corn 2
Roundup Ready® Corn 2
Droughtgard® Hybrids with VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® Corn Blend
Conventional Seed Corn


Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans
Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybeans
Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans
LibertyLink® Soybeans
LibertyLink® Soybeans
Conventional Soybeans


Before opening a bag of seed, be sure to read and understand the stewardship requirements, including applicable refuge requirements for insect resistance management, for the biotechnology traits expressed in the seed set forth in your trait providers’ agreement that you sign. By opening and using a bag of seed, your are reaffirming your obligation to comply with those stewardship requirements.

Monsanto Company is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship® (ETS). This product has been commercialized in compliance with the ETS Product Launch Stewardship Guidance and the Monsanto Product Launch Stewardship policy, after meeting applicable regulatory requirements in key export markets with functioning regulatory systems. Any crop or material produced from this product can only be exported to, or used, processed or sold in countries where all necessary regulatory approvals have been granted. It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing biotech traits across boundaries into nations where import is not permitted. Growers should talk to their grain handler or product purchaser to confirm their buying position for this product.

Excellence Through Stewardship® is a trademark of Biotechnology Industry Organization. B.t. products may not yet be registered in all states. Check with your seed representative for the registration status in your state.

Roundup Rewards® applies only to Roundup® branded and other agricultural herbicides specified by Monsanto. Program details referenced in this publication are subject to change and should be verified by checking with your local Monsanto dealer or representative.

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Roundup Ready® crops contain genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides. Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides will kill crops that are not tolerant to glyphosate. IMPORTANT: Grain Marketing and Seed Availability: Genuity™ VT Triple PRO™ has received the necessary approvals in the United States, however, as of 6/28/2009, approvals have not been received in all major corn export markets. Genuity™ VT Triple PRO™ seed will only be available as part of a commercial demonstration program that includes grain marketing stewardship requirements. It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing biotech traits across boundaries into nations where import is not permitted. Consult with your seed representative for current stewardship information. Acceleron™, Acceleron and Design™, Genuity™, Genuity and Design™, Genuity Icons, Processor Preferred and Design®, Roundup®, Roundup PowerMAX®, Roundup Ready®, Roundup Ready 2 Technology and Design™, VT Triple PRO™, YieldGard®, YieldGard Rootworm and Design® YieldGard VT and Design® YieldGard VT Rootworm/RR2®, YieldGard VT Triple®, Roundup Ready 2 Yield®, Vistive®, and Vistive and Design® are trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Respect the Refuge and Corn Design® is a registered trademark of National Corn Growers Association. ©2009 Monsanto Company.

HERCULEX® Insect Protection technology by Dow AgroSciences and Pioneer Hi-Bred. ®™HERCULEX, the HERCULEX Shield Logo and Quad-Stack™ are trademarks of Dow AgroSciences LLC.

Ignite®, LibertyLink® and the Water Droplet design, and Poncho® are registered trademarks of Bayer. For additional information, call 866-99-BAYER (866-992-2937) or visit www.BayerCropScienceUS.com.

Agrisure®, Apron®, Apron XL®, ApronMaxx®, Cruiser®, Cruiser Extreme®, CruiserMaxx™, Maxim®, Maxim® XL, Dynasty®, Dynasty CST®, Dynasty PD®, AVICTA®, RTA®, Bicep®, Concep®, Dividend®, Dividend Extreme®, Dual®, FarMore™, Helix XTra®, The power to perform™, Think out of the box™ and the Syngenta logo are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. For more information, visit www.agrisuretraits.com.


Benefits of New Seeds
  • Convenience
  • High quality and high yield potential product vs. bin-run
  • Reliable seed supply in many maturities
Economics of New Seed vs. Bin-Run
  • Average loss of ~10–15% cleanout at harvest for bin-run seed
  • Bin-run planting rates are generally 15% higher than new certified seed
  • Limited Warranty Benefits
  • Dealer agronomic support before and after the sale
  • Risk management benefits of Roundup Rewards® (over $600 million paid to farmers since 1997)
  • New Innovations
  • Royalties provide research and development of new traits and higher yielding germplasm
  • Seed companies and Monsanto are committed to our customers’ success