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As one of the fastest growing independent seed companies in the country, we have the freedom to select from a wide range of genetic platforms and trait packages — matching it right down to the county level.

We are Champions of quality — quality corn and soybean traits, quality growing seasons and quality people to help you along the way. From our corn seeds and soybeans seeds to our people and partners: We only Champion the best.

What Are the Traits of Champion Seed?

Champion your next growing season.

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The Champion Seed dealer network

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We continue to build a strong team of local dealers and farmer dealers who believe in our company and our brand — and who have experienced first-hand the performance of our products. Before pushing a new product to customers, many of our farmer-dealers insist on growing it first. After all, if they can’t stand behind a product, how can they stand to sell it? Plus, being locally based, they understand the growing conditions in their specific geographies, which adds more weight to their claim when they say: Trust me, this works here.

What makes us different?

Every independent seed company says the same thing: Independence. For Champion Seed the answer is accessibility. We use the modest size of our company to our advantage, letting our customers and dealers know they can pick up the phone to call our owners, Brett or Seth anytime — and they will answer.

Direct access to ownership is a rarity for independent seed companies and unheard of at the major corporations. After all, the bigger the company, the more distance that lies between customers and leadership. At Champion Seed, we stay close to our roots.

We Champion agronomy

Every seed dealership does not sell the same seed. We gain our advantages through agronomy and customer relationships. We take it state by state, county by county, field by field and zone by zone. We support our customers with the timely, agronomic information they need to make successful decisions.

Oftentimes, our growers trust our agronomists and seedsmen to select corn and soybeans on their behalf. This trust is paramount to our success. The more we know about you and your fields, the more successful our recommendations will be.