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Traits and Genetics for Today’s Challenges. And Tomorrow’s.

No two fields are the same. But every field deserves its Champion. To find yours, we use local data to dial in on which traits and genetics will perform best on your ground. As your challenges change over time, you can trust that we’re here to help you tackle them. That’s because we continuously evaluate traits from the best genetic platforms to ensure you’re ready for what’s happening now — and what’s happening next.

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With Champion Seed, you get the peace of mind that comes with an entire team striving for your success. That team includes your dealer, your agronomists, and our entire staff, all the way up to our owners.

If you haven’t planted Champion Seed, see for yourself why we’re one of the fastest growing independent seed companies in the country.

Every field needs its champion

Reach your fields’ potential.

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What makes us different?

Every independent seed company will tell you their difference is “independence.” But what makes the most difference for you as a grower? It’s accessibility. The modest size of our company is your advantage. You can pick up the phone to call our owners, Brett or Seth, anytime — and they will answer.

This type of direct access to ownership is rare with independent seed companies and unheard of at the major corporations. The bigger the company, the more distance between customers and leadership. At Champion Seed, we stay close to our roots. And to our dealers and growers.

Agronomy is key

Seed is personal. That’s why we stand behind everything we sell. We know what grows in one field isn’t always the right seed for the field down the road. We get to know you and your ground. Because we know the only yield data that matters to you is YOUR OWN DATA. So we leverage agronomic expertise to help you make decisions that can take you from paying the bills to growing your farm.

Find your Champion dealer. They’re nearby.

Many of our dealers are farmers themselves. That means they’ve planted Champion Seed on their own ground and can speak to its performance firsthand, and they understand the growing conditions the seed will experience. So, you can trust them when they say: I know this will yield here.

Just fill out the form above and your dealer will reach out.

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