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Proud to be your champion seed dealer

I’m Chad Hustedt and I only champion the best.

I grew up in northwest Iowa. I know this land like the back of my hand, and I’m ready to help you match the right genetics to your fields. I’m proud to work with Champion Seed because it means I can bring more and more of their traits into the area. Plus, they’re independent and can offer a wide variety of seed products. And I know with Champion, you will have not only my support, but the support of their top agronomists and even the company’s owners. I’m confident you’ll have a seamless experience with fast responses no matter who from Champion you’re working with.


Chad Hustedt
Alta, Iowa


Agronomic issues in our area

Corn: Check for all different types of fungi growth — especially if you didn’t use fungicide — as late rain has promoted growth.

Soybeans: Check for white mold as late rains and humid days promote fungus growth.

My top picks

Top Hybrids: 51A24 Trecepta, 52A24 VT2, 55A24 Trecepta, 58A21 VT2, 60B23 PowerCore, 62B21 Trecepta, 65A23 Trecepta

Top XtendFlex Varieties: 1934XL, 2143XL, 214XL Blend

Top Enlist Varieties: 204E Blend, 2242E, 224E Blend

Let’s talk about which traits and hybrids I’d recommend for you. Fill out the form below or give me a call.