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Rolling fields with green corn mid-season

I’m Logan Rath and I only champion the best.

I’ve worked with Champion Seed since 2018. But I’ve been farming a lot longer than that. In fact, I’m the sixth generation of Rath farmers. That’s where the dealership name (R6) originated, in part. The other half (Sales and Service) is to let my customers know that I’m more than their seed source. I’m here to help.

It’s important to me to get my customers seed that will perform in their fields. Because at the end of the day, my name and reputation are on the line. I truly believe Champion Seed has access to the best traits and genetics in the industry. I help my customers find the best of the best from Champion, matching traits to their fields to help maximize yields.

I live in Giltner with my wife and three kids. We grow corn, soybeans and, occasionally, wheat. We also have a small herd of cow-calf pairs. I’m all about spending time outside, preferably hunting or fishing.


Logan Rath
R6 Sales and Service
Aurora, NE


Headshot of Logan Rath wearing a Champion Seed ball cap and sunglasses

My top picks

This year, we rolled out a lot of new products. Some of my top picks for hybrids and varieties are in the field for the first time, so the jury is still out. They look really promising, but we won’t know for sure until the combine rolls. We’re still gauging how products mitigate disease pressure in the last weeks of the growing season.

Top Hybrids: 58A21, 60B23, 60A24, 63A23, 63A24, 63B24, 64A24, 65A23, 65A24, 66A24.

Top XtendFlex Varieties: 2663XL, 2894XL, 3013XL, 333XL

Top Enlist Varieties: 253E, 2783EN, 294E, 3074EN, 3133EN, 3233EN, 324E, 3499E

Interested to see how they end up performing? Want to know what I’d recommend for your field? Fill out the form or give me a call.