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Proud to be your champion seed dealer

I’m Chase Stoll and I only champion the best.

I remember exactly when I started with Champion Seed. The year was 2018. Champion Seed had an absolutely stellar hybrid that year — 62A18. It performed so well, it made me want to become a Champion dealer. So that’s what I did. Ever since, I’ve continued to build on my knowledge of traits and genetics and expand my expertise in soil biology and health to deliver the highest yields for my customers. In addition to being a Champion Seed dealer, I’m also a Pivot Bio rep. I’m excited to use my combined knowledge of biologicals and seed to help my customers boost their bottom lines.

I farm in Harrison County, Missouri, and Decatur and Ringgold Counties, Iowa. I live in Lamoni, Iowa, with my wife, our two kids, three dogs, and cat.


Chase Stoll
Stoll Seed
Lamoni, Iowa


Top agronomic issues in our area now

With midsummer hail damage, be on the lookout for resulting disease that can lead to stalk issues in the fall.

Goosenecked corn:  Wind damage has resulted in corn that has “goosenecked” back up. If you have noticed this in your fields, row guidance on your corn head will make harvesting easier!

Lodged soybeans:  With early planting and with dry spring conditions, we have started to see some lodging in higher-fertility fields. I expect this to continue and show up in more spots as we move into harvest. Lodging can result in pod loss.

My top picks

Top Hybrids

66A22 VT2P:  This brings a lot of what I loved about 66A18 with added plant health. It has been our top yielder on good bottom ground with excellent test weight and kernel weight.

64A22 VT2P: For the variable acres, it has proven itself to handle the stress of southern Iowa and northern Missouri soils — with tons of flex for lower population acres.

63B24 PWC: New and enhanced in ‘24, this hybrid will shine in our area! Available in the PowerCore platform, it’s excellent for handling stress and heat. This full flex hybrid allows for those lower populations on the stress acre or variable clay soils.

Top soybean picks

Many are planting Enlist this year, so below are those varieties. However, if interested in XtendFlex — we’ve got those too! Contact me if you want to talk about my top picks for other traits outside of Enlist.

3499EN: Tried and true, 3499 has been the number to beat from the very first offering of Enlist soybeans. It continues to perform excellently in our area for the earlier maturity varieties.

374E: Blends have performed very well in our area and I anticipate this will be the best one yet! This package is a blend of 3674EN and 3843EN, which have both been exceptional. 3674 in our new 3.6, beating 3499EN by 3bu in testing. 3843EN had great sudden death ratings and amazing standability.

4171EN: In my own operation this FULL season soybean has done well with the longevity to capitalize on those late August and September rains! It’s very consistent, with a larger plant height and it tends to like lower to medium populations.

Let’s talk about which products may be the best for your acres. Fill out the form below or give me a call.